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April 13, 2016

The temple of Athena Lindia

The excavations at the Acropolis of Lindus were begun systematically by the Danish archaeologists K.F. Kinch and Chr. Blinkengerg.
Apart from the name, another detail points to an older, pre-existing cult in Lindus before Athena's arrival. This detail comes from a poem by the 5th cent. BCE poet Pindar, who gives the following mythical account of the establishment of Athena's cult: Zeus had a terrible head-ache and asked Hephaestus to split his head. Hephaestus struck with a brazen hatchet and Athena leapt forth from her father's head and cried aloud with a mighty shout, while Heaven and Mother Earth, trembled before her.
Photo by: +Vasilios Gavrilis