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September 22, 2017

Lake Ayia

The artificial lake of Agia (Ayia) is located near the village of Agia, 9 km west of Chania. It is a small lake of 450 acres, which is close to the valley of Fasas. This valley is considered as the most humid of Crete. Agia lake receives water from underground springs and the river Xekolomenos.
The lake was a swamp before the Power Public Corp turned it to artificial, for producing hydroelectric power. Today, the power station is abandoned, but visitors still can see the old mechanisms.
Photo by: Vasilios Gavrilis   

Άγιος Νικόλαος Αναβύσσου Αττικής.

Photo by: Nikolaos Pantazis

Serifos Island Greece

Photo by: Nikos Atlidakis

Chania Venetian Harbour View

 One rarely finds a place so full of historical memories, which unfold before our eyes with exquisite skill through the architecture of the buildings looking onto the Venetian harbour, bearing scents from past times, drawing the visitor into a nostalgic game of the senses, a mixture of East and West. The modern restaurants, cafés and bars add to the charm of the harbour, providing the necessary notes of life and familiar comfort throughout the year.

Photo by: Vasilios Gavrilis

Ακρόπολη / Λίνδος / Ρόδος

Photo by: Stefan Braunshirn

July 4, 2017

Agioi Theodoroi – The Island – Chania – Crete

Agioi Theodoroi are two uninhabited islets off the coast of western Crete. One is named Agios Theodoros, also called Thodorou, and the islet a few metres further north is called Mikros Agios Theodoros (“Little Agios Theodoros”). Administratively, they are part of the municipality of Platanias, in Chania regional unit. Kri-kri inhabit Agios Theodoros.

In 1930 the municipality of Agia Marina with the cooperation of the hunting association of Chania decided to make the islands a nature reserve. It was in 1935 that Theodoros Viglis caught one male and two female Kri-kri in Samariá Gorgeand released them on Agios Theodoros so that they could breed with integrity since no other goats inhabited the island. This initial small community of Kri-kri was too small to prevent inbreeding and more Kri-kri were introduced to the community. The isolated community of Kri-kri at Agios Theodoros has been used to provide Kri-kri to zoos around the world.

In 1583 the Venetians built two small fortresses on Agios Theodoros in part to prevent pirates from using the islands and in part to defend the coast of Crete
Shot by: Vasilios Gavrilis